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    Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F)
    Women Empowerment Project

    The project was implemented from September 2020 to December 2023 in a total of three phases. The geographical focus was Kisumu Central and Kisumu East. The overall objective was to promote the productivity of women for poverty reduction through empowerment as partners in development with a view to achieve equality for men and women, boys and girls. The female participation in gender activities would lead to gender promotion and active contribution along development lines in various communities. • Systematization of the project, a process that intended to produce knowledge about action or practice, through the analytical reflection and interpretation about what we proposed to do, compared to our initial knowledge with what truly happened which contained what we learnt during the practice. The process allowed NYATUYO to communicate and disseminate the lessons and knowledge produced as a result of project intervention. .

    Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F)
    Capacity Building Initiatives for Women Groups and Youth Groups

    NYATUYO in partnership with URAIA is working to Strengthen Young Groups on the Importance of Budget Making Process, Budget Tracking and Monitoring and Evaluation on Social Audit. The purpose of the collaboration between NYATUYO and URAIA is to strengthen Local Governments capacity in community participation in local planning and monitoring with aim to restore confidence and credibility. The collaboration in particular aims to carry out participatory community mobilization, consultations and monitoring and to enhance public participation in local governance, planning and policy framework processes in the three states. The strategies of the project are: Capacity building to target groups using participatory approaches. Supportive supervision in application of knowledge and skills. Monitoring and documenting of best practices and most significant change stories. Consultative meetings with Government Ministries and other stakeholders. Institutionalization of learning institutions.

    Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F)
    Gender Based Violence
    We believe in a violence-free society where there is respect for human rights for all regardless of their gender Nyatuyo has built a wealth of experience in implementing gender and rights based approaches to community development. We work to eradicate gender disparities in education and health, promote the development of the girl-child as an integral part of sustainable development and eradicate Sexual gender based violence Nyatuyo approach emphasizes analysis of cultural and traditional practices as an anchor to developing relevant interventions. The key strategy is to target the community as a whole by engaging both girls/women and boys/men through linkages with schools and communities, organising community level dialogues on harmful cultural and traditional practices and enhancing community awareness of human rights.

    Early Childhood Development and Family (ECD&F)
    Gender Based Violence cont..
    • Is an inclusive and comprehensive capacity building organization that works to change the negative attitude of community members by addressing issues which affect them, through advocacy and empowerment;
    • Strives to ensure that gender issues are addressed effectively and included in development planning and policy making from the very lowest levels;
    • Asserts that women and girls deserve equal treatment and equal rights to boys and men in all spheres of life;
    • Is committed to creating women’s rights awareness and promotion of gender equality through training, counseling and advisory services to all;
    • Is particularly concerned about education as a basic right for all, and especially for the girl child;
    • Encourages girls and women,pwds to challenge discriminatory and retrogressive beliefs and practices inimical to their development.

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