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    Nyalenda young Turks community based organization was founded in 2017 and registered under certificate number KsmlEASTL/WINAM/CBO.No620/020. Non profit organization .Nyalenda young Turks community based organization has built a wealth of experience in implementing gender and rights based approaches to community development. Nyalenda young Turks community based organization works to eradicate gender disparities in education and health, promote the development of the girl-child as an integral part of sustainable development and eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

    Nyalenda young Turks community based organization approach emphasizes analysis of cultural and traditional practices as an anchor to developing relevant interventions. The key strategy is to target the community as a whole by engaging both girls/women and boys/men through linkages with schools and communities, organising community level dialogues on harmful cultural and traditional practices and enhancing community awareness of human rights.

    Literally translated Imbuto means “seed”. A seed well planted, watered, nurtured and given all the necessary support successfully grows into a healthy plant; one that reaches high and stands tall. This vision shapes the Imbuto Foundation’s current initiatives and future projects.

    Nyalenda young Turks CBO has carried out interventions in western Kenya region working in partnership with learning institutions, other community community based organizations (CBOs) , NGOs and government agencies while networking locally, regionally and internationally. It has worked extensively with rural communities on FGM and in exploring alternative rites of passage/ transition to adulthood for girls. Community theatre groups have been formed to advocate for abolition of FGM and other forms of violence against women (VAW), and promote girls’ education. School clubs have also been set up as platforms to share information and debate human rights issues. In summary, Nyalenda young Turks CBO:

    Is a non-partisan, focused and strategic community based organization addressing issues of human rights and gender in specific communities for improved development; Is an inclusive and comprehensive capacity building organization that works to change the negative attitude of community members by addressing issues which affect them, through advocacy and empowerment; Strives to ensure that gender issues are addressed effectively and included in development planning and policy making from the very lowest levels; Asserts that women and girls deserve equal treatment and equal rights to boys and men in all spheres of life; Is committed to creating women’s rights awareness and promotion of gender equality through training, counseling and advisory services to all; Is particularly concerned about education as a basic right for all, and especially for the girl child; Prioritizes human and political rights education as an area whose sound development will stimulate women’s political understanding and participation in good governance at all levels; and Encourages girls and women to challenge discriminatory and retrogressive beliefs and practices inimical to their development.

    Our guiding principles.

    1. Nyalenda young Turks community based organization is non-partisan and shall approach all her development programmes from a neutral point of view.

    2. Adherence to human rights forms the core of nyatuyo's operations, while also taking cognizance of gender sensitivity as an operational rule.

    3. The long term objective of Nyalenda young Turks CBO is to create an enabling environment for women , youths and person with disability to effectively participate in development processes and decision making positions at all levels

    4. Nyalenda young Turks CBO strives to ensure that all her activities are gender responsive and that human rights violations are addressed by all her development partners and that her members, including the BOD, are active change agents in the society.All those who wish to work with Nyalenda young Turks CBO are taken through a process to enable them make a conscious decision on working with a gender responsive organization

    5. All Nyalenda young Turks CBO associates are those ready to learn and appreciate the gender sensitive policies and practices at the organization.

    6. Those associating with Nyalenda young Turks CBO will at their own levels undertake to continuously monitor and address gender insensitive or gender blind practices.

    7. Those who are partisan and who support practices inimical to the development of women and girls will not be part of Nyalenda young Turks CBO membership at any level but will be targeted for more comprehensive approaches to development, and attitudinal and behavioural changes.

    8.Equal opportunity to education for the girl child is a strategic need which is a priority development concern for Nyalenda young Turks and her partners.

    9.For affirmative purposes, the positions of the Chair of the Board, Treasurer and Finance and Administration Officers in Nyalenda will be reserved for women, youths & persons with disability.

    10. All officials and Board members of Nyalenda young Turks community based organization are expected to be gender responsive in language and practice and shall strive to be role models in their personal behaviour and action.

    Our values.

    Nyalenda young Turks’ programme work and institutional orientation is guided by the following core values.

    1. Respect for human dignity: Nyatuyo accepts and appreciates human beings as they are without any prejudice and anchors its work on human rights based approaches. This respect is reflected in organisational literature, language, design of programmes, engagement with stakeholders and non-judgmental approach to sensitive socio-cultural issues.

    2. Equality: Nyatuyo believes that all human beings are entitled to the full enjoyment of their human rights. Thus it focuses on human rights issues, provides space for diversity and uses empowering strategies.

    3. Equity: Fair distribution of resources and opportunities is central to Nyatuyo’s work. This is manifested in non-discriminatory but evidence-based decisions on programmes, use of affirmative action, capacity building and advocacy with duty bearers for actions beneficial to the vulnerable.

    4. Inclusivity: Nyatuyo works with and for all who share in its vision and values regardless of gender, age, faith, ethnic origin, political opinion, health status, physical (dis)ability, social standing or other distinction. This is manifested in Nyatuyo’s diverse human resources, governance structure, programmes and stakeholders.

    5. Teamwork: Nyatuyo works through consultation, respect and in coordinated mechanisms evident in regular and open staff meetings, participatory processes, community based approaches, clear division of labour, flexible application of skills and celebration of achievements.

    6. Openness: Nyatuyo believes in objective discussion of issues and practises this through democratic consultation, sharing of information, provision of assistance to stakeholders, non-hierarchical management and courage to accept and give constructive feedback.

    8. Accountability: Nyatuyo promotes and practises rational use of resources, conscientious performance of duty by staff and resource persons, and comprehensive reporting to its funders and programme communities.

    9.Integrity: Nyatuyo promotes and practises truthfulness, candidness and honesty in all its interactions. It accepts its strengths and limitations and demonstrates what it stands for through example.

    10.Credibility: Trust and confidence in Nyatuyo’s ability to deliver what it promises is demonstrated in its recognition locally, nationally and internationally through individuals, networks and organizations that it has nurtured and its reputation for being value-driven and ethical.

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