Peace programmes

The peace consortium members’ implements development projects in various regions geared towards improving the social and economic status of various communities in the region. Therefore a peace consortium members have come together to address political and ethnic violence that tends to reverse the gains achieved in the various development initiatives by promoting peaceful, social, political & economic co-existence amongst the communities of Western Kenya. NYATUYO is currently involved in the mobilization of Youths to be agents of Peace and other Pece related activities in Kisumu urban covering Obunga, Nyawita, Kondele, Migosi, Nyalenda ,Manyatta and Carwash/Kenya-Re areas. The WKPI peace activities intends to cover the pre-electoral, electoral and post-elections periods for sensitizations of communities and leaders on benefits of peaceful co-existence and monitoring of emerging trends that might lead to conflict and violence and installing various mitigation measures in collaboration with the stakeholders.