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  • Youth Empowerment Programmes

    The Agriculture programme aims at improving the lives of women and youth from disadvantaged families through income-generating activities and psycho-social support.

    Programme recipients are grouped into cooperatives where they are taught how to generate an income from horticulture, as well as manage cooperatives. In addition, they receive start-up funds for agricultural activities inputs.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Community Empowerment Programme

    Awesome Project in kisumu county in partnership with FIDA Kenya to promote women participation in leadership & governance from grassroots. Gender Forum Project which convenes monthly presentations and discussions on topical national issues on gender equality and human rights. We value dignity Campaign Project which focuses on mobilization of change makers to campaign against patriarchy in the Community and community Paralegal Unit in which provides paralegal guidance and counselling, arbitration and referral services in partnership with Fida Kenya.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Disability programmes

    Nyalenda Young Turks Community Based Organization under the department of Youth, women and persons with disability. We advocate for the rights of the disabled persons within the information settlements in Kisumu County. We have the vision and mission for the disabled persons to help in the implementation of disability related issues where the vision is to be an organisation that creates a barrier free society for persons with disabilities and the mission is to promote and protect equalization of opportunities and realization of human rights for persons with disabilities to live a descent livelihood. . We eliminate stigma and all forms of discrimination among the disabled persons, promote inclusivity in the society and create a discrimination free environment for persons with disabilities. Economic empowerment, capacity building and sexual reproductive health are also key issues we address in the Community. In addition, we reach out to the PWDs, sensitise them on disability issues and identify those in need of the assistive devices where have managed to identify 10 individuals who are in urgent need of the devices and due to networking and collaboration, have managed help 5 get access to wheelchairs.

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Disability programmes cont..

    It has three mandates as per Executive Order No. 1 of 2020 namely: Policy and Programmes for Persons with Disabilities. Spearhead development and review of Polices and Bills in relation to Persons with Disabilities. Spearhead development, dissemination and implementation of a national strategy on disability mainstreaming. Protection, Empowerment and Advocacy of needs of Persons with Disabilities. Awareness creation on disability and mainstreaming. Mobilization and empowerment of Persons with Disabilities for social-economic activities. Development and maintenance of databank of PWD and institutions. Liaison to agencies offering support to Persons with Disabilities e.g. NCPWD, NFD. Develop exit strategy for families with PWDs in CT programme in collaboration with SAU. Liaison and collaboration with UN agencies offering support to Persons with Disabilities Vocational Training and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities. Oversee skills training of Persons with Disabilities in the VRCs. Promote development of infrastructure to suit needs of Persons with Disabilities. Rehabilitation and re integration Persons with Disabilities. Promote entrepreneurship development and empowerment of VRC graduates (provision of start -up tool kits). Promote development of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and placement.